As you are aware, the current situation in Europe, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, requires companies and authorities to take extraordinary measures to minimize the spread of the virus.


General Measures: 

-Restriction of internal movement and between units (preferably using phones or videoconference contact);

-Reinforcement of cleaning methodologies and use alcohol-based products;

-Increase measures to restrict external travel by employees (suppliers, customers, partners);

-Prohibition of meetings with more than 5 employees (except those authorized);

-Face-to-face meetings with elements external to the GLN Group are prohibited. In case of inevitability, they can only occur with higher authorization;

– All non-operational job functions are being carried out through home office;

-Adoption of the remaining measures recommended by the WHO.

At this stage, we decided to communicate regularly with our customers, informing all occurrences and status in Portugal and at GLN Group.


Status : 23/03/2020

As of today, the additional following measures / information to be considered.

  • The Portuguese authorities have declared last 18th march the state of emergency for Portugal. This allows additional control on movements by the authorities. 
  • The Government has highlighted the imperative of maintaining a functioning economy so, no change to our production capacity is to be expected.
  • We have no current restrictions to production and deliveries. 
  • The state of emergency did not restrict our production capacity.

The contingency measures that we implemented did not endanger our deliveries, however there may be occasional delays that our teams will communicate with the interested parties in due time

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