Molding the Future

Since 1988, we give thought to the future in search of new ways to improve product quality and our customer services.
We have invested in a modern production facility where the latest generation of engineering and manufacturing equipment is used at each stage of the process. Our cutting-edge machining equipment guarantees the accuracy of a micron and the execution of the most complex steel parts.

Today, we are recognized internationally as one of the European producers of reference molds.
We work closely with our clients to fully understand each molding requirements, always offering the best design and manufacturing solutions. We are extremely thorough and careful and apply technology in each phase of the manufacturing process: CNC modelling / programming, conventional machining, CNC machining, electroerosion (penetration erosion, wire erosion), grinding, metrology, finishing, assembly, testing and shipping.

We provide our clients with the support of a 20-year-professional team who commit daily with quality and deadline times, carrying out the manufacturing process integrated in a production unit within a controlled environment and incorporating advanced quality control methods at each stage of the process, with the sole purpose of delivering a high quality mold at the stipulated time.
Molds are our passion!



Scope of certification

Environmental management System.
Design and manufacture of molds for the plastics industry.

ISO 9001:2015

Scope of certification

Design and manufacture of molds for the plastics industry.

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